Luis: The Candy Man

The gift of life expressed through gifts of love

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This story is a story of love—the love of a servant (cleaning lady) toward her master (her boss). Mónica, a precious young woman in our church, radiates God’s love wherever she goes. But it wasn’t always like that.

Mónica has suffered many traumas, which were difficult to overcome. Most people never do, but she has. She has embraced the cross, and God has made a difference in her life. God has brought wholeness to her life, healing to her heart and emotions and put a smile on her beautiful face.

Mónica cleans houses, a typical job for women in southern Spain. She shares her love for Christ while she works, and her passion has brought several people to our church. Luis is just one of those people.

Luis, an 82-year-old widower, became intrigued by the songs Mónica sang while cleaning, her gracious spirit and, above all, her joy. He didn’t have what she had, and he wanted it!

The questions began to roll out of his heart, and Mónica, always ready to give an answer for the hope within her, was quick to respond. After months of many conversations, Mónica, always with a rag in her hand cleaning, asked Luis if he wanted to receive Christ in his life. “YES!” he shouted. She stopped work immediately and prayed with him.

Mónica didn’t stop there. She then “informed him” that he needed to attend her church, where he could meet other believers, hear God’s Word and begin to grow spiritually. Although Luis walks with crutches, since then he has never missed our Sunday services or his cell group meeting. Mónica and her family provide transportation for him.

His faithfulness is an example to all. Mónica helped him prepare for baptism. Because of his handicap, he couldn’t go down into the pool. While Luis sat in a chair, Joel generously poured water over him. What a smile on Luis’ face! Actually, we all had smiles on our faces and tears in our eyes. None of his family came to his baptism; they think the church just wants his money. Luis has assured them that is not the case, and we are praying for them.

Luis wanted to have a ministry in our church. What can an 82-year-old handicapped man do? He came up with his own ministry. He is our candy man! He brings candy every Sunday and hands it out one by one to everyone as they greet him with the typical two kisses.

He loves his ministry because it is his way of sharing. He would like to remarry so he is praying for a Christian wife. What does God have for him? We do not know but we can honestly say he’s the “sweetest” person in our church!

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