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When the dog barked my wife looked up to see some Méo tribespeople coming onto the porch of our home in Luang Prabang, Laos. The woman inquired for “Paw,” meaning me. Helen explained that I was in Bangkok, but would return soon. Then the woman reminded my wife about the time we had prayed for her in the hospital.

She said, “Just before you came in that night, awful fear came upon me. I couldn’t breathe and I knew I was going to die. Even my dead relatives came and sat on my arms and legs; I could see them. They leered at me and tried to get me to go with them. Then you and Paw came in and Paw asked if he could pray to his Jesus and ask Him to help me.” Her eyes flooded with tears as she continued: “I said he could pray, and my husband said it was alright, too. Then, when Paw prayed in Jesus’ name, all my relatives left me and I began to breathe again. I knew I was going to live.”

The Méo maw-mouan sorcerer who was saved, along with his family. The smoke in the background is from fetishes burning. (Photo courtesy of the C&MA Archives)

On my return from Bangkok, the woman’s husband, Bah Va, came again with a group of Méos and we all started out to his village. A Christian Méo chief, Tu Weng, went with us.

About halfway to the village I was overcome with weariness. This was unusual, for I climb mountains without too much trouble, even at forty-seven! I prayed, and in a short time I felt all right again. I told the Méos about it when we got to the village, and they said they knew what it was—on the trail was a large cave that houses a powerful demon. They felt the demon was trying to keep me from the village. We thanked the Lord for deliverance.

After a feast in our honor, we told the people about the love of God. Helen used the flannelgraph, telling of Creation, Christ’s birth, His death, and Resurrection. I used the Heart Tact posters to illustrate my message from the Word of God. Tu Weng translated. Most of the people said they wanted to talk more about receiving the Lord, but Bah Va and his family all turned to the Lord that day.

Then we found out that Bah Va was a sorcerer—and not an ordinary one. He was a maw-mouan, one who is called to other villages when the local sorcerer fails. No wonder Satan tried to stop us. What a joy to burn all Bah Va’s fetishes in Jesus’ name!

—Rev. C. E. Gustafson, the Alliance Weekly, March 17, 1965

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  1. Thank you to the Gustafson for giving and serving the Lord.Our lives changed for eternity because of your faithfulness.

  2. Thank you so much for sending this information and I will pass it on to Ed and Helen’s children and some other relatives and friends. Gratefully, Shirley Stiemann
    Mr. and Mrs. William Stiemann

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