Out of the Mouths of Babes


Has God ever shown you something about your life through your child’s?

Last night, my seven-year-old son was doing his homework while I was giving his sister a bath. Earlier, he had asked if he could have some gummy worms. I answered no—simply no—without explanation or summary.

I had previously decided to surprise my son by making pudding topped with these worms for dessert. When he had finished his homework and bath time was over, I had planned to pull out the special treat.

But while my back was turned and I was helping my daughter, he sneaked some worms. When I walked into the room, I caught him worm-handed. I told him to put them back and proceeded to explain that he couldn’t have them because I had already told him no. Then I let him know about the dessert treat I had planned. He jumped up from the table and levitated with excitement.

Then I dropped the bomb—no dessert for him because he sneaked the worms. He slumped to the floor and sobbed. He even tried to tear his shirt!

There it was, the whisper of my loving Father in heaven, You are keeping things from me, too, right? There are things I want to do in your life, but when you hide things from me, I can’t.

Do I live with sin in my life? Do I make room for things that I know are wrong? Just like my son, I see through eyes of sorrow that I have done wrong. I must not allow space in my life for sin.

Out of the mouth of babes—can we learn from them or what!

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