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“Raise up your child . . .” the writer of Proverbs admonishes. Some people know how to do that because they had excellent examples in their own parents. Their mothers and fathers were role models for them throughout childhood, so they pay them back by paying it forward, pouring their love, faith and prayers into the next generation.

Others come by their knowledge in a different way. They know how to raise a child right because they themselves were raised entirely wrong. They felt unwelcome in their own home. They struggled with self-respect. They knew the sting of abuse. But instead of pushing that experience along to their children or students or neighbors, by God’s grace they are able to say, “This goes no further. My legacy will be light instead of darkness.”

In this issue, you will read about people who have learned about God’s great love and forgiveness and are compelled to pass it on. Some are missionaries, some are young nationals, one was a preschooler when Jesus called him to help build His Church in Africa. Others are marketplace ministers, taking their education and skills to another country to participate with the Holy Spirit in the spiritual formation of fellow believers.

As one of the writers noted, discipleship is not an option for followers of Jesus; the light is always on, whether Christians are in the classroom, the workplace, the home or the hiking trail. The picture of Brice Ngoyela on page 18 is editorial gold. It may not be composed in the way a professional photographer would have set up the shot, with the optimum lighting and just the right angle. As a digital file, it wasn’t big enough to enlarge any more than a few inches without pixilation. Yet it illustrates everything this issue is about: if you have the light, pass it on.

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