Persecuted, but Persevering

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Soumaila is the son of a leader of the majority religion in a village near Sifirasso in the Kenedougou region of Burkina Faso. He attended a Koranic school and had a future as an important teacher of this religion. His family is deeply involved not only in the main religion but also in the sorcery and witchcraft prevalent in his village.

Everything changed for Soumaila in August 2014 when he heard the gospel from an Alliance pastor, Tychique, in Sifirasso. For six days Soumaila wrestled with the meaning of the good news he had heard. He describes his experience as “the Holy Spirit revealing Himself” through dreams and visions. On the seventh day, Soumaila returned to the pastor to testify that he understood the truth of salvation through Jesus and wanted to become a Christian.

From that moment, Soumaila left his other religion and abandoned all sorcery. The leaders of his village were furious. They accused him of “rebellion” and told lies about him to the local authorities. The sorcerers tried to curse Soumaila in order to make him return to their practices. But he would not.

At the time, there were 14 other young men from his village who also wanted to follow Christ. The village leaders eventually succeeded in putting all 15 young believers in prison on falsified charges. The group was able to pay a large fine for their release after 45 days in jail. The other 14 young men abandoned Christianity and returned to their former ways.

Soumaila, on the other hand, has been leading people to faith in Christ. He is now the leader of cell groups in five villages. In his home village, 36 believers meet regularly.

Soumaila says the persecution is still intense. Sorcerers put curses on them daily and try to thwart their efforts to meet. The village leaders have initiated two other legal suits against Soumaila in order to have him arrested. His own brother, an instigator of the persecution and a known sorcerer, threatens to physically prohibit people from attending the church meeting. Despite persecution, more people are following Jesus. . . .

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  1. Just finished your article Persecuted but persevering. We pray for you as God continues to use you and
    Soumaila to lead others to Christ. Thank you for providing tools for intercessory prayer. We continue to pray for your wife & dear family. May God bless all of you.

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