Persecuted Postman


The eyes of the Lord swept over North Gujarat, India, and centered upon a man who is poor and humble and who fears the Lord. His name is Ranchod Chauhan. His story is one of miracles and faith.

We first came to know him as our postman. Though he was naturally cheerful, he was burdened through pressures in his home. Over a period of years, we tried to encourage him in his domestic problems, but they continually deteriorated.

One Sunday, however, he came to church. He took a keen interest in the singing and preaching and soon became a regular attendant. It was plain he wanted to identify with our small Christian group rather than his own Hindu society. He said to us once, “I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.” Faith was the key, and he had it. Since then he has grown in grace and knowledge.

Because of his work of delivering mail, he is known by everyone, and his bright testimony impressed many on his mail route. The joy of salvation was evident in every part of his life, and he was like an overflowing cup. He described his state: “I have stepped out of darkness into God’s marvelous light.”

Ranchod has become an overcomer. At one time his wife left him. We urged him to bring her back into the home, however, and he has attempted to win her to Christ. She still opposes his coming to the services. He keeps his Bible locked in a trunk because she burned his Christian literature and hymnal. Like Hosea of old, he has taken her back and will not leave her.

Shortly after his public confession of faith, Ranchod asked to be baptized. He wanted to be known everywhere as a follower of Jesus. When there were delays, he persisted. He never doubted the necessity of this step of obedience.

At last the time was set, and a beautiful program was prepared. The news spread quickly. The Hindus said this was to be the day of his conversion, for this is what they believe baptism means. The enemy was at work, however. Evil men conspired to hinder this precious ceremony. A petition was circulated opposing the baptism and a plan made to surround the mission compound to hinder it.

When we learned this, we canceled the program and changed our plans. We took Ranchod to another city, and the pastor of our largest church examined him and baptized him. Though it took place many miles distant, it did not remain a secret, for Ranchod himself told everyone. He proudly displayed his baptismal certificate to the superintendent of post offices and asked that he be classified henceforth as “Christian.” The townspeople were astonished at Ranchod’s bravery; his walk and talk harmonized. They could not doubt a man of faith was walking in their midst.

—Edward G. Jacober

Adapted from The Alliance Witness February 4, 1970

FROM ISSUE: May/June 2018, Vol. 153 No. 3, Pg 44, “A Man of Faith”

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