Prayer is Primary

As reported in the Sept/Oct 2016 issue.


Burkina Faso

During the past few months, many people in the Kenedougou region have been coming to Christ, and new churches have been started. Please intercede for new converts, some of whom have been plagued by demonic influences. The church has spent hours praying for them.

Construction of church shelters, roofs, and wells remains an ongoing project. Cell groups throughout the Kenedougou area are growing and need places of worship. Pray for God’s provision.

Also, pray for village evangelistic events throughout the country and for new believers to gain a strong spiritual foundation and not be swayed by false doctrine.

—an Alliance international worker couple


Praiseprayer-cambodia God for providing the Bunong people with a New Testament translation in the Khmer alphabet! In the past, older Bunong Christians have used the Bunong Bible with Latin characters, which are difficult for the younger generation to understand. Didi and Mimi Kanjahn, part of our multinational team, spent 15 years completing this project. About 700 people, representing 20 nations, attended the dedication.

Please pray for Bunong believers of all ages to become increasingly interested in reading the new Bible for their spiritual growth. Ask God for wisdom to start village Bible-reading clubs and for a desire among the believers to pray together.

—Joe and Kay Kong


The city of Guadalajara reminds us of this verse: “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” (Matt. 9:37). We are part of a church-planting team in greater Guadalajara, where there are four churches and one seminary. We work in leadership development—helping to train leaders and mentoring those called to serve in pastoral ministries.

There is no pool of ordained, seminary-trained pastors to assume responsibility for the work that is started; everything is from scratch. Pray for commitment among our ministerial candidates; a life of service is one of sacrifice and hard work.

Also, intercede for us as we help to establish an ordination process in our district and to see a citywide youth group and an Awana program started; there is a need for sound Bible education for kids and teens here.

—Dan and Amber Marcello


We work among peoples who already have religion—quite an ancient, sophisticated one at that. They have no felt need for a Savior. Logic doesn’t appeal to them. They have centuries of commentaries, written by their religious experts, to interpret Scripture for them. Arguments fail. Persuasion wilts. But peace prevails.

We are watched for years. Neighbors build their own narratives about why we are here, what we are doing, and how we are living. What breaks the barriers and escorts us into trusted relationships? They see evidence of peace in our lives. It is what these peoples are missing.

The success of our ministries is because of His peace, so tangible to those who have never experienced it. To witness someone enter our homes and ministries and sense the peace of God for the first time is an extraordinary privilege.

Intercede for the numerous people flocking to our ministries seeking peace. Pray for the Word to be proclaimed in love and without fear but with great trembling at the magnitude of its power. Also, pray for us to maintain active prayer lives so that our peace does not run dry.

—Marshall and Babs Mullinax

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