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(Photo courtesy of Kandi Lay)

“I’d rather stay here and study Christian Family [a Bible-study book] than go away and make a lot of money,” said a young man in our church. He had been offered a high-paying job some distance from his home. The man and his family don’t have much money, so a good income would be a blessing.

As he considered the offer, he kept coming back to Matthew 6:33: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Although others would call him crazy for not taking the position he was offered, he chose to stay at home and to continue studying the Bible and serving God by teaching the children in his community.

Pray for the Lord to provide for this man and his family and that his example will inspire other church members to put God’s Kingdom first.

—Kandi Lay

West Africa

Aminata was admitted to the medical center with breathing problems. She had delivered her second baby two days earlier and remembered having the same problem with the first child. This time was worse.

An ultrasound and x-ray revealed that Aminata’s heart was pumping normally and there was nothing obviously wrong with her lungs. She suffered long periods on a respirator. When she was well enough to need only an oxygen mask, Aminata heard the good news of Jesus and His saving power. She wholeheartedly gave her life to Him, becoming the first Jesus follower in her family.

The morning after her decision, we showed Aminata several movies about the Bible, including the JESUS film. Midway through the movie, a rainstorm rolled in. Lightning struck our generator and fried one of the hospital’s primary fuses, taking out our oxygen concentrators. Within seconds, Aminata began to panic as she suffocated. We tried to resuscitate her, but without extra oxygen she continued to deteriorate.

Knowing we were unlikely to get power restored any time soon, we shifted to palliative-care mode. After sedating Aminata to make her more comfortable, we whispered truths about her glorious, newfound Savior into her ears as she slipped into unconsciousness. We all wept, partly out of frustration from inadequate technology to diagnose her disease and that the lack of electricity took Aminata’s life—but also with great joy in knowing she will spend eternity in heaven with Jesus.

Our team shared the gospel and Aminata’s newfound faith with her extended family members; only God knows if those seeds will bear fruit. Please pray for their salvation and comfort, as well as health for her baby, for whom the family is caring.

—an Alliance international worker couple

Taiwan (Envision)

Taiwan (Envision)
(Photo courtesy of Sarah Mabee)

Our team has been seeing many friends grow closer to Jesus. One story involves Samms, a massage therapist who met one of our team members. The two developed a friendship; despite a language barrier, they were able to communicate about essential biblical truths. Samms soon accepted Christ. He wanted to learn as much as he could about Jesus, so he bought numerous books about what it means to be a Christian.

Samms quickly read the New Testament on his own and had finished the entire Bible before his baptism. It’s exciting to see someone grow so fast. Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill him and draw him even deeper.

—Sarah Mabee

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