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As reported in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue.

Requests from our Alliance Family


West Africa

Our team ministers to about 200 young adults at a center where we teach English as a Second Language (ESL) and other courses that equip them to support their families. (The average family income here is a little more than $3 a day.) In conversation classes we discuss topics that have challenged their thinking about God.

As we developed relationships with our students, they expressed interest in learning more about Jesus. Other breakthroughs followed. We soon became aware of a battle for the hearts of the youth.

One day at our center, two students experienced demonic attacks while two young men were sharing memorized Bible stories. One young woman started weeping and became unresponsive; another screamed and fell across two chairs, her body rigid. After each instance, my colleague and I laid hands on the women and prayed for them in Jesus’ name. We then continued the lesson.

Although Satan sought to distract our youth from God’s Word, the Lord used these attacks to show them the power of Jesus’ name. He also opened our team’s eyes to the reality of the spiritual battle we face.

Pray for all of our students to be released from darkness and for truth to be known and fearlessly declared at the center.

—an Alliance worker


Every now and then it sinks in that my wife, Emily, and I are on the other side of the world from everything that is familiar. This feeling of wonder is most pronounced when I drink tea made from yak milk with “reindeer people” or when I hear a horse herder singing to his animals in the early morning. During these experiences, I think: Where am I?


The question also haunts me when I see the all-too-common domestic disputes; the homeless man wandering the streets, checking every bottle he finds in search of vodka; the drunken brawls; the morning sacrifices of milk and bread—or when I hear of staggering debts and crippling poverty. In light of the pervasive brokenness, it is tempting to despair.

But God is building His Church here, and the gospel has spread to this distant land. It is a testimony to His greatness that we can sit in church with Mongolian Bibles and sing praises with national believers. Every once in a while this truth sinks in, and it is amazing.

Pray that as we learn Mongolian, we will use the language effectively to share the gospel, build relationships, and encourage the Body. Pray for Mongolian believers to grow in their faith, for many more people to respond to the good news, and for church leaders to be refreshed in their faith and to shepherd their congregations well.

—Ryan Currie


Intercede for “G,” a woman I befriended who has been fervently seeking God. She has read Christian books and listened to praise songs and online sermons but does not yet understand why Jesus is her Savior.

As a busy mother of two and her husband’s business partner, G has found it difficult to schedule a time for Bible study. Despite these challenges, she has attended our Sunday service with her two children, has started teaching her son to pray, and has even brought a friend with her to church.

Pray for G’s salvation and that of her family members, who have seen positive changes in her life.

—Fungyee Lam

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