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In the years since leaving Zenica, central Bosnia, where my husband, Mark, and I served from 1999–2002, much has changed. Several believers who attended Mark’s basic discipleship class are now mature church leaders. There is a new spirit of cooperation between local congregations as well as renewed interest in church planting and prayer walking in unreached cities. Established believers sense that God is doing something new.

Yet we are also aware of the depth of spiritual darkness in this area. We’ve heard accounts of sorcery, widespread infidelity, and deeprooted superstition. Pray for God to pour out His Spirit on the people of this city and that many will come to Jesus. 

—Kathy Eikost


At Bongolo Hospital’s eye clinic, all patients must have a “guardian,” usually a relative, who assists the patient in various ways (cooking meals, administering eye drops, etc.). Praise God for two guardians, Marlene* and Jennifer, who decided to follow Jesus after their respective mothers’ surgeries.

Marlene desires to boldly share Jesus with those around her.

Marlene received Christ after hearing the story about the rich young man and how Jesus asked him to take an inventory of his life. Marlene took stock of hers and found it wanting. She desires to quit drinking and begin boldly sharing Jesus with people around her, as she has seen other Christians do.

At this writing, Jennifer is an outofwork teacher. She had never considered becoming a Christian before, but while here, she enjoyed the singing and how people cared for one another. She also heard a message from Luke about Jesus healing a disabled woman and witnessed how her mother was treated well as a patient. Soon after Jennifer trusted in Christ, she asked her brother to bring her a Bible. She has requested prayer that she will find employment. 

Pray for God’s continued work in Marlene and Jennifer’s lives.

*Names changed

—Eric and Wendy Hofman


September 2017 was our sixth anniversary as international workers in Paredes. It is not easy to survive in ministry here, much less thrive. However, not only have we seen growth, but we also have become trustworthy to those who know us, within and outside the church.

The 90 people attending our congregation’s dedication service represented the relationships our team has built during the past six years. Our eyes are daily opened to God’s goodness in leading us to this location on a main avenue, behind a bus stop where there is much foot traffic. Young people congregate under our awning while waiting for the bus. We could not have chosen so well if we had tried.

During Thursday evening Bible studies, we’ve been examining passages where Jesus extends hope to unlikely people. Last night an entire family attended. They are seekers and considering baptism. The 20yearold son came because he was grateful that we prayed for him to pass a test.

Pray that those seeking Christ will find Him and that our team will maintain a good testimony in this community.

—Mike and Ruth Davis

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