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Europe/Middle East

“You are a good man, and I want to see you on the straight path of our religion,” my neighbor, Visari*, said after our two-hour lunch conversation. We had been talking about our families, interests, and especially our differing faiths.

One of the questions Visari asked was: “Is Jesus God, or is He the Son of God?”

“To understand who Jesus is, you must see what the Bible says about Him, especially the Gospels,” I replied. “There you can even see what He says about Himself.”

My neighbor then asked, “How can you trust the Bible when there are so many different translations?” Followers of this region’s majority religion believe there is only one version of their holy book and that the Bible has been corrupted over time; therefore, they believe it is untrustworthy.

These are foundational questions that really speak to the heart of our faith: Who is Jesus? How important is the Bible? And is it trustworthy?

The wonderful thing about this developing friendship is that we can share freely with one another. Pray for Visari and his family—for their hearts and minds to be open to the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

—an Alliance worker in the Balkans

*Name changed


While on tour last fall, we heard that leaders of the Salto church—one of Uruguay’s fastest-growing C&MA congregations—were interested in buying a property. The church had been quickly outgrowing its rental space and desperately needed a larger facility. After much prayer and many donations, both large and small, the sale was finalized last December. The property has a ready-to-move-into building on site.

Praise God for this answer to prayer, and pray for His continued blessing and anointing on the church’s ministry. Intercede as well for Herbeth Vega, the pastor, as he shepherds this congregation.

—Peter and Laura Marshall

Republic of the Congo

We’ve seen God do amazing things among the Vili people and others in Congo who are hearing His story for the first time through Davy, Firmin, and Willy, members of our orality team. During a recent visit to two villages, they sent exciting news about people coming to Christ, but the trip was not without hardship.

The Bible storying team in southern Congo persists in taking God’s Word to remote Vili communities via motorcycle, even during rainy season.


The three struggled through mud and torrential rains to arrive. They returned with sores from bug bites. Davy’s became infected. He has also been weakened by illness. Both Davy and Firmin lost a member of their extended family while on the road and came home to face the responsibilities of comforting loved ones and paying for funeral expenses. Also, Willy’s father is quite sick, and this has been a burden as well.

Despite these challenges, the men are preparing for their next visit. Pray that God will protect their health as well as their families’ physical well-being. Ask Him to prepare hearts for upcoming trips and to call leaders from this new area who will experience Spirit-filled giftedness as they learn, apply, and share His Word.

—Jay and Beverly Bellamy

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