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Envision Paris ran an Alpha course at the Connected café just outside of Paris in the La Defense neighborhood for several weeks. Three people attended consistently, asking great questions and seeking answers from the Bible. Each week we dug deeper into Christian thoughts and teachings. As we talked about prayer, we had opportunity to share stories of how God has answered ours and how He hears us no matter who we are.

Please pray that this ministry will continue to grow, as it is a first step to a new church developing in La Defense. Continue to pray for those who attended Alpha and for our ministry to have a lasting Kingdom influence on the neighborhood.

—Tony and Raeni Roos

Southeast Asia

It was humbling to visit the home of Sani* and her son, who is in junior high. They live in a room smaller than our living room, with only a stack of Bibles in it, with a smaller space for cooking in the back. In the front room, Sani teaches Bible classes to the neighborhood children. She also hosts visiting pastors’ families when they have no place to stay.

Sani had received Jesus after having a vision of Him when her son was healed instantly of an inoperable hernia. Since then, her husband left her. Her life was threatened, and she was nearly killed, but she was rescued by some soldiers who showed up just when she needed their help.

Sani sells popsicles to earn enough money to photocopy the leaflets she hands out when she’s witnessing in the open market. She’s been in jail a few times for her preaching but figures that comes with her evangelistic calling. Sani recognizes that the time is short before Jesus returns, and she wants more people to join her in heaven when that day comes. Her motorcycle helmet has a sign taped on the back: “Repent, because Jesus is coming back soon!”

What a radical life! What a revolutionary, life-giving message we have. Pray that like Sani, we will be faithful in sharing it with all who cross our paths.

—Barry and Patty Jordan

*Name changed


A monthly prayer outreach is held at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan.

The first time I visited Japan, I heard about a monthly prayer outreach in a busy part of Tokyo. A team of believers from various denominations, including Alliance workers, meets to pray and share the gospel with people in the area, sometimes displaying signs that say, “free hugs” and “free prayer.” Now that I’m an Alliance international worker here, I’ve been looking forward to joining in this ministry and was excited to do so earlier this year.

There were many conversations with a variety of people. I’m thankful to have shared my testimony and the gospel with one high school girl, who had not heard of Jesus before. Pray that she will put her trust in Him, and continue to intercede for this outreach.

—An Alliance international worker

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