Prayer is Primary

As reported in the Sept/Oct 2018 issue.


Burkina Faso

Children rejoice over receiving access to fresh water. Photo courtesy of Joanna Gregg

Our well-drilling season begins again in October. Work teams will travel here from churches in the United States to partner with Envision Burkina and our partner, Friends in Action, helping us drill for clean drinking water. This is a tangible way to offer hope to people here who would otherwise walk miles to get water or drink from a contaminated source. Between 33 and 50 percent of Burkinabè do not have access to clean water in rural areas.

Drilling water wells also provides many opportunities for local pastors and other believers to share the gospel when villagers come for water—every well our teams drill is at a local Alliance church. Pray for safety for our work teams and for more opportunities for believers to share about the source of living water (John 7:37–39).

—Joanna Gregg, an Alliance worker serving with Envision and Engage Burkina

A Creative-Access Country

Our family doesn’t have a car—on purpose. We take taxis. My husband, Sam*, has a habit of talking with and praying for people with whom he shares rides. And he’s beginning to get quite a reputation. When fellow teammates and I have taken taxis, other passengers have asked if we know Sam, “a great American man who lives in this city.”

During one ride, Sam prayed for healing of the driver’s little boy, who had been seriously ill in a coma-like state. Several days later, God answered with a full recovery. The taxi driver, Joe, reported the news to Sam: “My son woke up, asked to eat, and has been fine ever since!” The two recounted what my husband had prayed, talked about who Jesus is, and thanked God together.

Joe belongs to a people group with only one or two reported believers. Pray for him to trust in Christ and for Sam to have more divine encounters to share Christ’s love with people who have never encountered His grace and truth.


*Names changed


While church planting in the northeast during our last term, my husband, Keith, and I found that many young people were interested in the gospel. Yet due to family/societal pressures, they had difficulty making a commitment to Christ. What if we could meet them on a more neutral ground? we thought.

We realized that many of them attend university in Bangkok, the capital. This can be a formative time in their lives—when they are away from their home environment with newfound freedom—which we believe can translate into openness to the gospel. Therefore, we are going to focus on planting a church among university students in Bangkok.

To that end, Keith was accepted into a PhD program in religion and philosophy at Assumption University of Thailand. He will do his course work part time while seeking opportunities to build relationships with students, with the goal of church planting among them and the greater community. Pray for us as we continue seeking new ways to have greater Kingdom impact.

—Sarah Neigenfind

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