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Recently, a friend who has chosen to follow Christ closed the door to my office and whispered, “There was a meeting of all the men at the mosque about me—they’re telling lies about me.” Another friend narrowly escaped with his life because of his witness, and a pastor has been imprisoned for more than a year now.

Anyone here who follows Jesus has counted the cost—and paid at least some of the price. These “light and momentary afflictions” are the byproduct of upsetting the status quo while doing what we were made for—pursuing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly. Ask the Father for strength, protection, and encouragement for our friends who have chosen this path.    

—An Alliance worker


Many people in this country with fierce national pride believe that to be Mongolian is to be Buddhist. Close to half the population practices Tibetan Buddhism, a belief system mixed with traditional Shamanism—the religion of Mongolia’s revered founding father, Genghis Khan. 

Basketball is a key strategy for making new Mongolian disciples. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Bergevin

Politically, Mongolia is overwhelmingly pro-American. But we need to guard against addressing Mongolia’s national pride with American political might. The people we seek to reach—many of whom have huge faith in American money, political position, and military power—need to understand the power of the cross that transcends national identity. Jesus was born neither American nor Mongolian. May His Kingdom continue to spread across the earth long after today’s political realities have gone the way of Genghis Khan.

We can sometimes gently point out to Mongolians the history of their idolized military hero. Genghis Khan led several tribes into war, consolidating the world’s largest contiguous empire. We discovered in a Mongolian museum archeologically recovered metal crosses we’re told belonged to one of those tribes from around the 13th–16th century A.D. Nestorian Christians from central Asia likely evangelized these Mongolians, so there is historical precedent for being Christian and Mongolian. May these Christian tribes inspire Mongolia to bring the Kingdom of the Eternal Khan, King Jesus, to their own land and beyond.

—Jeremy Bergevin


While reading the Book of Hebrews, my husband, Soo, and I have learned that God can accomplish His will in our lives only if we trust His faithfulness. We need to leave the timing of when our Taiwanese friends come to Christ to Him. Desiring to see our prayers for their salvation answered quickly can inhibit us from believing in God’s promises. Graciously, He has connected us with new friends at the local swimming pool and where we play table tennis. We’ve nurtured these relationships, consistently showing our care.

Last week, I invited a woman who is a paraplegic to our small group. After she learned about our upcoming Christmas outreach, she said she wants to invite her disabled friends to hear the gospel when we present it at this event.

Later, Soo and I asked each other, “Could God be leading us to plant a church for people with disabilities here?” Pray that we will trust His timing and direction for this potential ministry.

—Hannah Hwang

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