Prayer Is Primary

As reported in the May/June 2015 issue.

Requests from our Alliance Family


Burkina Faso

During evangelism season, when our partnering churches send well-digging teams, Doug has seen firsthand the crowds that gather around the impressive equipment and gushing wells.

During a recent project, U.S. Alliance workers, local missionaries, pastors, and believers partnered with a Canadian group to provide wells. “Yes, we bring the gift of clean water, but it was given in Jesus’ name,” the team said. “And we want you to hear about something even more important than clean water—Jesus, the Living Water!”

People who otherwise would be forced to drink non-potable water are reminded of the message of hope they heard from the believers who dug the wells. Recently, more than 100 individuals said they wanted to follow Jesus. Some live in places among the Dogese people where there is no church yet. Please pray for effective follow-up.

—Doug and Karen Conkle


Pray that God will continue to speak to the hearts of those who attended a baptism service earlier this year at Eglise Protestante Evangélique de Limoges, the Alliance church plant we lead. The entire service, featuring encouraging testimonies, glorified our Lord Jesus Christ!

Ray invited the children to come up to the front so they could experience the baptisms close-up. They were ready to get baptized themselves at the end of the service! Their understanding of what it was all about was quite limited, however; they viewed the baptismal tank as a little swimming pool.

One young woman was accompanied by nonbelieving family members and friends, who stayed for the meal following the service. Later, her family commented that they had never experienced anything quite like it before. One visitor said that he now understands the difference between religion and relationship.

Please pray for Carol as she teaches two English classes each week and takes an art class. She is also involved in a small French conversation group. These activities allow her to connect with nonbelievers.

—Ray and Carol Simon

West Africa

Rejoice with us for a powerful Bible study on prayer with one of our students who attended the Seven Signs to God course. At the end of the trimester, the man said he had “gotten right with God.” As they talked later about David’s psalms, the student added, “I never realized that when I praise God, I’m joining the angels.” It is exciting to see this believer truly understand the relationship he has with God. Pray for his ongoing discipleship and growth in the Lord.

—an Alliance international worker couple


One of two new life groups at Mi Esperanza Church in Paraguay

We started two new life groups at Mi Esperanza (My Hope) Church in February. (Last year at that time, we had only one.) The goal is for participants to connect with others, grow to be more like Christ, and impact the community with the gospel as they live the life God has for them. These home groups are great opportunities for our people to grow in their knowledge of Scripture and to practice the love of Jesus.

Please pray that these groups will be an encouragement to the Body of Christ and that many more will begin soon.

—John and Lisa Sappia

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