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Prayer Is Primary

As reported in the Nov/Dec 2015 issue.

Requests from our Alliance Family


Bosnia Herzegovina

The Source Center celebrated its fifth anniversary of serving the people of Sarajevo. Our team was encouraged by the number of current and former clients who attended the event and told us how our work there has benefitted their lives, careers, and families. English and children’s classes continue to be our main avenue of building connections, along with our support and involvement in the arts.

This year we offered classes in videography and fashion design. Also, building upon connections we made through our annual film seminar, we arranged for a former BBC film producer, now a professor at Regent College in Vancouver, B.C., to speak at local high schools and universities. In partnership with our teams in Berlin and Paris, we organized an exhibition of Bosnian photographers and artists in both cities. In addition, we hosted a photo exhibit from Germany that highlighted multicultural, multi-ethnic families of Berlin.

Praise God for the impact of our first five years. Pray for growing connections in the community and deepening relationships with our clients.

—Todd and Karen Dinius

Creative-Access Country

Good things are happening in our community center. Our reputation and popularity are growing, and more people than ever have the opportunity to know followers of Christ and to have access to the good news. Pray that many will respond in faith and be willing to break free from the religion they were raised in. Some are considering this, but it is hard to fathom the implications of such change. Through our community groups, including one on interfaith dialogue, we are providing a safe place for them to ask questions.

My desire in starting the group was to talk about faith issues in a nonthreatening environment. One of the students suggested that the members each take turns leading it. Not only did this release me from having to plan a creative lesson, but it also led to more opportunities to share the gospel, and the group began to grow. A dozen people now attend, with more interested in participating.

Through your prayers, many of you are a part of what God is doing here, and we feel privileged to be your hands and feet. You have been faithful partners and a critical support for us. Thank you!

—an Alliance worker


(Photo courtesy of the Bartholomews)
Oumar, an eight-year-old boy, was profiled in the May/June issue of Alliance Life. He had an aggressive tumor that was removed last fall at the Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children, but no titanium reconstruction plate was put in. Thus, he’s been tracheostomy-dependent for a long time. He and his mother, Setou; his father, Abu; and two younger sisters have become Christians, and their lives have been transformed. His father has quit selling animistic fetishes, and it is evident they are genuine followers of Jesus.

All our patients are a pleasure to treat no matter what they decide to believe about the gospel, but the rare stories like this one bring us great joy as we see peoples’ hearts and minds open to the truth of God.

We brought what turned out to be the right size and form of titanium plate for this little boy’s jaw, which will give some form to his chin and make it less risky to remove the tracheostomy tube in his neck. It can also be a scaffold for a future bone-grafting procedure. Oumar actually made us chase him around the hospital compound for x-rays and surgery. After having been through so much, he loved the missionaries but knew when they wanted to take him somewhere in the hospital, it meant more pain. Thankfully, putting in the metal plate was quite easy, and he has already gone home from the hospital.

It was nice to be a small part of this boy and his family’s story. Please continue to pray for Oumar and his family.

—Drs. Tim and Huyen Bartholomew, CAMA

Watch Oumar’s story:

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