Prayer Is Primary

As reported in the Jan/Feb 2016 issue.

Requests from our Alliance Family


Burkina Faso

A Christian asked, “Is this your teaching, or is all this really in the Bible?” What a great question! This person wanted to know so he could tell others in his village the same truth, with confidence that it was in God’s Word. So each point of the message was reviewed, and the man was shown in his own Bible where each truth was found.

Praise the Lord for village church leaders, who are committed to truth and who want to know the Scriptures. Pray for their ongoing discipleship.

—an Alliance international worker couple

Dominican Republic

National involvement in missions is becoming a reality as the Dominican Alliance churches are helping to send one of their own couples, Miguel and Ingrid Grassals, to begin a new Spanish Alliance church in Panama. Pray for them as they begin the work there. Pray that God will lead Miguel and Ingrid to spiritually hungry hearts, that cell group members will receive Jesus, and that God will use them to begin a new Hispanic/Panamanian Alliance church.

—Valerie Stellrecht


Praise God for last year’s graduates of our seminary, Sekolah Tinggi Theologi (STT Jaffray), which means “Higher School of Theology.” It was wonderful to see students whom we have known for five years successfully complete their time at Jaffray and be sent to ministries across Indonesia. Pray for them as they serve in churches, on the mission field, and as teachers in various settings.

—Andy and Lora Brake


One of the ways our team regularly shows Jesus’ love in our neighborhood is through wound care for street kids. The majority are sons of impoverished West African families who have sent them to the local teachers of the predominant faith to receive a religious education. Most of these boys are required to beg for food and/or money.

One boy came not asking for food or medical care but for money to purchase a prayer from the marabout (religious teacher). The child’s foot was causing him pain and making it difficult to walk. A bone was clearly misplaced near his ankle, either from a break that hadn’t been properly set or a deformity from birth.

I sat down and talked with him about our God, who calls Himself a father and wants us all to come to Him like children with our needs. I explained that he can pray by himself and that God will listen or that I could pray for him and wouldn’t ask for any money. And so I entrusted this precious boy to the Great Physician and asked for a healing touch in the name of Jesus.

The boy gave me an odd look and went on his way. But the next day he returned, showing me his perfectly formed foot and ankle—everything in its place and no longer causing pain!

Please pray that this boy and all the little ones who come to our door each day will find not only physical healing but also will become children of God by receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord.

—Valerie Stephens

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  1. Praise God for His work and for the work of his servants. As a nurse with a heart for kids, the story of the boy in Senegal left me in tears. The article is an inspiration to be faithful in our prayers.

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