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As reported in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue.



In the town of Maglaj (pronounced “mag-lye”), 80 houses were destroyed by floods, forcing families to move in with relatives or friends, and 247 businesses were ruined. This town has no gospel witness whatsoever; 25,000 people are spiritually lost with no one to tell them about Jesus.

Please join us in asking God for the wisdom and resources to reach this city. We have some contacts in the community and have been offered a free storefront space. We believe this is an open door. Pray for local workers with a burden to go and that the Lord will go before them.

—Kathy Eikost

Burkina Faso

We are thankful that Burkina remains peaceful. Please pray that Ebola will not continue to spread. Also, pray especially for our medical team in another West African nation—they have set up Ebola screening when people arrive at the clinic as a precaution and have seen no cases so far.

—an Alliance international worker couple


Our housekeeper took out a microenterprise loan with a young man she trusted, but her money was lost in a pyramid scheme. She had put the deed to her land as collateral and is in danger of losing the property. I had the privilege of speaking to God on her behalf, telling her that she could cry out to Him herself. The young man who took her money is the son of a fortuneteller I have been praying for. Oh, that God would not only solve the financial difficulties of this family I have come to love but also the spiritual problems of this entire neighborhood. Please join me in praying for them all.

—Heather Williams


Pray for Don and Sarah Jones as they coordinate children’s and family programs at Freischwimmer Church in Berlin; Jose and Melanie Chinchilla as they lead a Spanish-speaking ministry in Berlin; Ben and Sarah Carey in their ministry in Waren, especially as they prepare for an English day camp in February; and for Summer Hartzler, who has connected with many people in Waren.

—Jerry Kragt


While I was in language study, local believers shared with me their vision to visit St. Louis’s prison and asked me to pray about partnering with them.

The women’s side is sparse. Roughly 15–20 inmates share two medium-sized rooms and a cement courtyard enclosed by high walls topped with barbed wire. There is a spigot for drawing water (when available), an outdoor toilet, a bucket shower and a small tin overhang for cooking food.

My Senegalese colleague and I visit the women each week, usually bringing leaves, mint, and sugar to brew a strong tea called “attaya,” along with peanuts to roast; I think of it as Senegalese comfort food. Any money the women have is spent on necessities, so they appreciate this special treat.

I was touched recently when the small group of local Christians donated handmade soaps, lotions, clothes, and shoes to the ladies. I had the privilege of distributing the donations, and it struck me that as an American, I often give out of my excess. But these gifts were given by people who have to stretch their resources to the utmost to feed their children, send them to school or buy clothes or medicine. The church members beautifully declared that day their riches in Christ.

Pray that after these women are released, some will contact us from the outside to continue the conversations started within the prison walls. Pray that we will receive permission from the prison director to teach the ladies from a chronological Bible-story series in their language.

—Lisa Nickey


In Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, you would have to knock on more than 500 doors before you could find someone familiar with John 3:16. But God has been at work. One of the boys who attended an English camp last summer has begun attending a worship gathering and a youth group. “Thanks for partnering with us in prayer,” a worker couple said recently. “We are so thankful for you.”

—Tim and Melanie Wendel

For more prayer resources, visit legacy.cmalliance.org/pray

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