Prayers of the Children


God has called all of us—His children—to pray and intercede without ceasing. It is through prayer that our heavenly Father acts and reveals Himself to us, showing us His heart for the needy throughout the world. And children make up the majority of those in need.

Millions of children live in extreme circumstances. Many of them are unreached and greatly need to know that their heavenly Father cares for and loves them dearly. We must teach younger generations to pray and grow in their love for the Lord and in compassion for the world.

Most young people have a character that empowers them to be effective intercessors for those who are lost. The God-given gifts of humility, trust and a self-giving heart, coupled with the presence of a teachable spirit, make them powerful and effective intercessors for a world in need of salvation. It is a privilege to mentor and affirm children as they reach the throne of God through the avenue of prayer.

All over the world, the Holy Spirit is raising up children to claim the nations for Christ and His Kingdom. There are many prayer movements taking place across the globe. The Children’s Prayer Network, which began as an after-school puppet ministry at an Anglican church in Sydney, Australia, has been recording many of the amazing things that are taking place as children pray for the nations around the world.

Other organizations are taking notice of the powerful potential in the spiritual lives of our youngest family members. “The mounting strength and impact of children’s prayers have been compared to a silent tsunami hitting the earth, but this time for good,” World Vision posted on its Web site. The International Prayer Council noted: “Around the globe there is an awakening to the untapped resources of children’s prayers. In place after place, boys and girls are beginning to take their rightful place in God’s Kingdom work, which starts with prayer.”

Recently, a prayer event was held at First Alliance Church in Lexington, Kentucky, in which children were invited to come and intercede for their peers around the world. These youngsters were mentored and given promises from the Bible that helped them pray for working children, street children, children living in nations at war and children who did not get enough to eat each day. For more than two hours, kids were actively involved through prayer stations in bringing these needs to the Lord.

During the closing prayer time we were especially touched by a deaf child who lifted up a supplication for his home country of Haiti. We watched in amazement as he poured out his heart before God. The boy’s cerebral palsy made standing a struggle for him, so he continued to pray by lying down on the floor while his adoptive mother held him and became his voice as she translated for us. She said that his heart was crying out for protection of kids who were living on the streets of Haiti. “Lord, I pray that you will save children from the cars that run over them,” he said.

It wasn’t until later that we found out that this boy had been rescued from the streets and from the very thing that he was praying about. His prayer was powerful and humbling to all of us as we began to understand the very real pain and suffering that these children were experiencing daily.

God is using the prayers of the children to bring transformation to the world!

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