Proclaiming Release for the Captives

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Last summer my daughter and I went to the Dominican Republic to encourage the Envision site coordinator and help wherever necessary. One of the needs was to lead a U.S. short-term team on a prayer walk through a neighborhood where the church was experiencing oppression (three herniated disks had kept the pastor from church for several weeks) and persecution (when the churchgoers gathered, the townspeople would pelt them with rotten tomatoes). As the team, along with church members and a translator, entered the neighborhood, we could feel the spiritual battle.

The Dominican culture is generally welcoming to strangers, so it was appropriate for our team to go door-to-door to ask if we could pray for people. No one we visited refused, and each one invited us into his or her home. In one house we found a woman who had been lying ill, unable to walk, for two years.

As we started praying, I felt a strong leading from God that this was no ordinary illness and that we should pray against any demonic forces that held this woman prisoner. The team I was with was mostly made up of North-American teenagers who didn’t know much about demonic bondage and encounters with spiritual powers. In a quiet way I bound Satan’s work in the woman’s life and commanded his forces to let her be. Then we continued to other houses.

Returning home from our prayer walk, we passed the woman’s house again. From that direction we saw something that had escaped our notice earlier. There in the courtyard was an altar with a cow’s head offered on it. We stopped and prayed over the awful display, breaking its power in Jesus’ name.

The next day, at the end of another prayer walk, I felt we should return to the altar and pray against it, because I was convinced this was the source of the woman’s oppression. As we started praying, she ran out to greet us, completely healed! She admitted she knew now her troubles came from the altar, which a relative who had lived in the United States for a number of years had erected two years earlier. We rejoiced with her. Then, because the woman, an unbeliever, hadn’t found complete freedom yet, we counseled her to see the Alliance pastor.

I was thankful for the opportunity this team had to be a catalyst for helping someone find healing and hear about Christ. But I was sobered that her relative, who had lived long in our Western world filled with Christians and churches, had built such an evil thing. A question surfaced: Had this man heard the good news and actively rejected Jesus, or had his U.S. Christian neighbors and friends simply never proclaimed the gospel to him?

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  1. I believe it is the latter….US “christians” not proclaiming, because they’ve never entered into a relationship themselves with Christ.

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