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No matter where I’ve lived in my 25 years in Cambodia, I’ve always tried to minister to the kids. I feel it’s my responsibility to reach anyone who is little and might be missed.

When we moved to the city four years ago, I’d say “hello” to the neighborhood children as I drove past. Eventually they came to the gate and screamed, “Teacher, teacher! Are you home?” I opened the gate, and they came in. Once that happened, I just had to teach them about Jesus.

I put out a mat, and the kids came and sat down. We did a Bible study together. Then this older girl named A’lee started to come.

“I remember seeing Heather pass by the railroad tracks on her way to the market,” A’lee says. “Her smile and her laugh filled me with hope. When she started meeting with the neighborhood kids, I went to help with my little brother. But really, I was there for myself.

“Heather invited me to her house, where she taught me more about Jesus. We would sing and pray together. I began to feel close to Heather, and I would go to her when things were difficult at home.”

A’lee had deep emotional wounds. Sometimes for a week at a time she would be silent. She also had a lot of spiritual oppression. One night she sat there for a long time, trying to get up the nerve to say something. Finally, she told me the story of her family.

Because her mother was constantly drunk, A’lee had to take over the responsibilities of the family and take care of the other children. But she had no one to defend her. The men in her family abused her in ways that no little girl ever should be. Her family also sold her to other men to make money.

“Sometimes I was overcome by darkness,” A’lee says. “I would fall into a deep depression. My grandmother would take me to the witch doctor, but I was never healed.

“Heather wept with me and told me that if I would trust in Jesus, He would help me and heal me. I decided to trust Him, and I saw that He was more powerful than the dark spirits. Life is still difficult and I am still healing, but I’m no longer alone—I know I can depend on Jesus.”

To get her someplace safe, I asked A’lee if she would like to attend Bible school. She thought because of her family situation she wouldn’t be able to go, but God provided everything she needed.

“The students became a family to me,” A’lee says. “I was safe. I had a new hope, and I grew closer to Jesus. Today I am a changed person.

“I see children around me whose parents don’t pay attention to them or teach them or provide for them. I see them experiencing the same things I did. Now I can help them and show them who Jesus is.”

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