Simpson Anthology


Simpson Anthology


As we commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Alliance Founder A. B. Simpson’s passing, Alliance Life will feature his rich, devotional reflections in place of the Tozer Anthology, which will resume in 2020.


The Grace of Giving

Our giving enables us to have a partnership in the work of others and to sow the seed of the gospel in fields which we personally could never visit.



The truly yielded and Spirited-filled heart not only loves to give but to hear with gladness every call of obligation and know of every opportunity of spending and being spent for Him we love.



When we cease to own ourselves, then all the selfish bonds that hold us to our belongings are sweetly broken and we rise into the glorious liberty of a life of unselfish love.



It seems to be clearly taught in the Scriptures that God does not want either our gifts or our services until He has us.



It is only when we realize Christ’s love to us that we truly learn and love to give.



. . . the Master teaches us to give because giving means loving, and love is but another name for life.

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