Steps Toward the Light


By Anonymous

“S” went home 35 days after she was admitted to our hospital with an infection so devastating her life will never be the same.

It started with a simple operation, performed by a surgeon in the capital city’s most prestigious medical facility. Two days later she returned with her incision deeply infected. He opened the wound under local anesthesia, but it was too painful to drain properly. He reassured her, gave her antibiotics, and dressed her wound. The next day the infection doubled in size, invading the underlying muscles and overwhelming her immune system. Her husband frantically called the surgeon and told him that his young wife was crying out in pain, too sick to walk, feverish, shaking, and frightened for her life. The surgeon lost his nerve and refused to see her again.

Someone told the couple about our hospital, and they arrived the next morning. When members of our surgical team saw her wound, they were shocked. Although S and her husband believe in God, attend prayers each Friday, and do their best to obey their holy book, they were deeply touched when we prayed for S’s healing.

During the next two weeks, S underwent four surgeries; each time, we prayed in Jesus’ name for her healing, encouraging her and her husband to believe that God was listening to our prayers. One of the nurses became her close friend, and soon they were comparing S’s religious book to the Bible, watching Christian films together and talking about God’s love. With each operation and dressing change, S’s wound started to close.

Before she left the hospital, S told us that on the day she arrived she thought she would die. But when we prayed for her, she began to have hope. As we interceded for her during her recovery, she started to believe in God’s presence and love.

This couple did not decide to follow the Way before they left, but during their 35 days at the hospital, they heard the truth, experienced a love they still struggle to comprehend and saw God’s light. Would you pray that as we follow up with them in our outpatient clinic, they will find their way to faith in Jesus? The Father will know exactly who you’re praying for.

During 2014, our small team quietly shined God’s light and truth into the lives of more than 140 patients and their families. Thank you for your faithful prayers and your gifts to the Great Commission Fund, which supports not only the ministry of me and my wife but many others’ as well.

—an Alliance medical worker in North Africa

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