Still Room for More!


Teaching a Sunday school class to young teens these last few months has brought many challenges—but the biggest one is that of space. When two new female students stood at the door of our classroom, I almost wanted to say to the Lord, “no more.” Benches were already crowded. The only possible solution would be to crowd them in on the boys’ benches, and that would never do!

But our heavenly home is not that way. In a story Jesus told describing God’s Kingdom, He made it very clear that there was still room for more and that He wanted a full house for His great feast. He said, “Urge anyone you find to come so that the house will be full” (Lk. 14:23). The food is ready, all is prepared, but still there is room for others to join in. That describes our perspective as we serve here in West Africa. We are searching for people and urging them to accept Christ as their Savior.

Part of His Family

During our hospital visit this week, we encountered a young girl on a mat with a crying baby. Unmarried, just 16 years old, and still in school, she seemed so alone. We learned that she had given birth the day before in a remote area of the country. The midwife, realizing the baby had some health issues, sent her to the city hospital for surgery. This teenage mom had no clothes for her baby and no idea how to stop her from crying.

What an opportunity for our team! One team member hurried off to the market to buy baby clothes. A couple of us bent down to show this new mom those important first steps in caring for a baby. Then we prayed together, asking the Lord to give her wisdom in caring for her baby. One team member assured her, “Jesus loves you very much. Ask Him to help you. When you leave here, find a church that can tell you more about Jesus. He wants you to be a part of His family.”

One of His Guests

During our Friday night street evangelism, one young woman looked at us with such regret as she explained the mess she was in. “But you are just the one that Jesus is looking for,” we assured her. “He is inviting you to be His guest. Come and join us.”

We are out looking for anyone willing to accept the invitation. There is still room for more! Pray that we will be faithful in going out and urging others to come in so that our Heavenly Father’s house will be full. Thank you for supporting us and joining us in prayer.

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