The Asia Pacific Region of the C&MA


This region is home to the largest Islamic country (Indonesia) as well as the strongest Buddhist nation (Thailand). It has countries with some of the hottest recorded temperatures (Southeast Asia) and includes Mongolia, where the cold weather is legendary. Living among the varied beliefs and extreme weather are almost 630 million people, all precious in God’s sight. Most have yet to hear a clear presentation of the gospel and thus have an opportunity to respond to God’s loving invitation to receive the gift of eternal life.


In 1989 there were only four known Mongolian Christians in this distant nation to the north of China. Since then, explosive growth has occurred. Living conditions can be very challenging and the language is difficult to learn, but it’s harvest time for Mongolia. The C&MA entered in 1997 and has seen many come to Christ in this land of more than 2.6 million who still need to know of the Savior’s love.


Japan is one of the easiest countries for missionaries to enter but its 127 million people are among the most difficult people in the world to reach with the gospel. Since 1891, Alliance missionaries have labored in Japan. Despite the difficulties, a national church has been established, but major challenges continue to result in slow growth.


In 1929, Alliance missionaries entered Thailand, the most-Buddhist nation on earth. Currently, Thai church history is being made because Thai Buddhists are responding to the gospel more than ever.


Ever since The Alliance entered Taiwan in 1963, ministry has been challenging. Although a small and struggling national church and seminary have been established, we believe that the brightest days are ahead. A nation of 23 million people with few following Christ demands our attention.


The largest Muslim country in the world presents both major opportunities for the gospel and significant challenges. From the time the C&MA entered Indonesia in 1929 until today, the largest number of C&MA national churches has been established. Most of these believers are not from this country’s major religious group.


The Alliance arrived in 1923, but missionaries were expelled in 1965. They were permitted to return in 1970 but again fled during the terrible years of the Killing Fields later in the decade. In the late 1980s, C&MA personnel returned to a nation more open to the gospel than ever before. Cambodians have been through national tragedies like few others but are coming to Christ in record-breaking numbers.


Dalat International School (DIS), originally called Dalat School, began in 1929 in the highlands of central Vietnam. In 1971, DIS moved to its present location on the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia, sometimes called the “Pearl of the Orient.” DIS needs additional qualified teachers and dorm parents for the boarding program. This significant school serves missionary families from a variety of denominations and agencies in the region.

Ask yourself: How can I help reach out to the millions of people from Mongolia to Thailand, from Malaysia to Taiwan and from Japan to Indonesia? Why not look for God’s answer and trust in His promise to Jeremiah: “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jer. 29:13)?

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