The Blessed Life


A friend of D. L. Moody, Rev. F. B. Meyer (1847—1929) was a pastor in England, an author, an evangelist and inner-city social activist on both sides of the Atlantic. He was active in the temperance movement and prison ministry and authored more than 40 books on theology and spiritual growth.

Out of my own experience, I suggest these seven rules to my fellow Christians.

1. Make a definite consecration of yourself to God.

Write out the words from the hymn, “Take My Life and Let it Be,” etc., and sign your name. It is well to keep some record of the act for future reference. When we have really given ourselves once, we cannot give ourselves a second time, but we may renew our consecration vows. If you go astray, ask the Lord to forgive the wrong you have done—how sweet the promise, “He restoreth my soul!”

2. Tell God that you are willing to be made willing about all.

Are you prepared to sign your name to a blank sheet of paper, and then hand it over to God to fill it in as He pleases? If not, ask Him to make you willing. You never will be happy until you let the Lord Jesus keep the house of your nature. Simply give Him the key, and He will cleanse and renovate and make beautiful.

3. Reckon on Christ to do His part perfectly.

The marble has only to be pliant to the chisel of a Michelangelo. Oh, to be equally susceptible to the moulding influences of Christ! We shall not fail in realizing the highest ideal of which we are capable if only we will let Him do His work unhindered.

4. Confess sin instantly.

If you allow acid to drop and remain on your steel fenders it will corrode them, and if you allow sin to remain on your heart unconfessed, it will eat out all peace and rest. Jesus’ blood is ever at work, cleansing us from unconscious sin, but it is our part to apply for it to cleanse from known sins so soon as we are aware of their presence in our lives.

5. Hand over to Christ every temptation and care.

When you feel temptation approaching, instantly lift your heart to Christ for deliverance, saying Lord, I am oppressed; undertake this for me.” Ah, you say, I wish I could live like this, but in the moment of need, I forget. Then do this: in the early morning, entrust your soul to His keeping; as hour succeeds hour, expect Him to keep that which you have committed to Him.

6. Keep in touch with Christ.

Avoid the spirit of fault-finding, criticism, uncharitableness and anything inconsistent with His perfect love. Go where He is most likely to be found, either where two or three of His children are gathered, or where the lost sheep is straying. Ask Him to wake you for communion and Bible study; make other times in the day to get alone with Him.

7. Expect the Holy Ghost to work in, with and for you.

When we are right with God, God will freely use us. Do not dread to enter this life because you fear that God will ask you to do something you cannot. He will never do that. Rely on the Holy Ghost to go before you, to make the crooked places straight.

—Adapted by Janet Root from the May 27, 1939, issue of The Alliance Weekly.

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