The Greatest Gift


Sinisa“The last five years of my life were truly a nightmare,” says Vera Pavlovic, a single mother of two—daughter Daniela, 17, and son Sinisa, 16. Vera came to the Christian Fellowship (C&MA) in Novi Sad, Serbia, for the first time at the end of last year.

Vera’s mother, a diabetic, was dying slowly and in terrible pain. At the same time, Vera’s husband was at home suffering from terminal cancer. Vera’s employers showed no understanding and even downgraded her pay scale. “My paycheck at that time was $130 per month, too small for even basic needs of my family,” Vera recalls.

After three months, Vera’s mother died, and soon after that, her husband also passed away. Vera’s children were now her greatest concern. After months of dropping classes because he couldn’t cope with the stress in his home, Sinisa quit school. Daniela failed a year.

A team from Christian Fellowship visited the family during this crucial time, bringing a box of food. The team members invited Vera to church and to the Alpha course. “I felt very welcomed and found a great peace and comfort in God,” she says.

After Vera had been coming to our church for a few months, she wanted my husband and me to meet her children. She told us she was worried that Sinisa might harm himself because he was so depressed and lonely. We began praying for Sinisa and Daniela and asked a couple from our church who works with youth to visit them. Soon Daniela and Sinisa came to Youth Alpha and joined the teen group. Both of them were at the teen camp this summer, and the work God did in their lives is visible as they accepted Christ as their Savior.

A small gift—a food parcel—opened the door to great change in the lives of three people precious to God.

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