The Middle of Ten Thousand


We were walking through a grove of big trees at the edge of Klang Muen, Thailand, when we asked Paw Law, “Where did the village get its name?”

“Many years ago five thousand people came from Laos and settled here,” he replied. “Klang Muen means ‘the middle of ten thousand.’”

For many years these big trees were thought to be inhabited by spirits, and no one dared cut them. However, when the government recently felled some, nothing happened. Perhaps it was this that began weakening the power of the spirits over Klang Muen.

Paw Law had been a believer for some time, but the Christian group had dwindled, leaving him as the only faithful one. Once, he paid most of the cost of bringing some Christian films to the village to tell the people about the Lord. And when missionaries came to preach, a crowd gathered, but no one accepted the Lord. We wondered whether we should go where there was greater prospect of fruit.

But then one night a villager was hit by a taxi and lay unconscious in the hospital for 10 days. When Mr. Tong was back in the village recuperating, I told him the Lord had spared his life so he could receive Jesus as Savior. Mr. Tong made no decision then, but last March accepted Christ and began to meet with Paw Law.

In May, Paw Law’s daughter believed in Christ, and in July, six others, including a spirit doctor, became Christians. A few days later, three more people prayed, and the next month still another. Fruit was appearing at last.

However, the former spirit doctor was having trouble. His life was peaceful, but relatives were asking him to return to his old ways and appease the spirits for them. The temptation was great. When we explained God’s way to him, he bowed his head and cried to the Lord, “Take all of Satan out of me! Fill me only with God!”

As we left the village, we noticed that the moon was rising clear and full; we remembered that its light is the reflection of the sun. God’s Word and love are reflected through the lips and lives of His children in Klang Muen—the light in the Middle of Ten Thousand.

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