The Other Side of Congo

By Anonymous

An unforgettable incident took place at the hut of an old blind man. At the request of the deacon the missionary had agreed to visit him and serve Communion. He [Robert L. Niklaus] writes, “Stooping into the hut I met stark poverty head on. The old man crouched on a board-slat frame and his wife, shriveled with age, hugged a smoky fire. The only other furnishings were a few clay pots. That’s all. The old couple received no help from their faithless children. They had no clothes other than the rags they wore and no blankets for the dismal, clammy nights. But in their hearts burned love for Jesus and an unwavering faith.

“After the simple Communion service we were about to leave but the old man retained us. He pulled a smoke-blackened tin from his rags. His fingers, fumbling for a moment, drew four cents from the can—his offering. His wife called, “Don’t forget me, papa. Me, too.” His groping fingers brought out four additional coins. The deacon looked at me with pain in his eyes. I knew how he felt.

“The next time you read of riots and chaos in Congo, remember this incident. This, too, is Congo.”

The Alliance Witness, May 3, 1961

Editor’s note: As soon as this article was published, the Alliance family sent donations to the field to supplement the aid—rice, fish, blankets, clothes and other essentials—that Rev. Niklaus and his wife, Janet, started giving this couple after his visit.

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