Through The Power of the Story, a CMA/Christian and Missionary Alliance couple share the Christmas message in an unexpected way


The Power of the Story

Christmas unwraps in an unexpected way

By Anonymous

My husband and I have been serving in our current assignment with Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA) since 1998. Because the country has a restrictive government, we are not able to share the gospel or our faith with the people we encounter. We do development work to show Christ’s love without going deep into the reasons for our actions.

But nearly a decade ago, God gave me a creative idea to share the Christmas story with the people. Although we live in the capital, through CAMA we built a preschool for a community in a province two hours away from the city, and there are lots of children there. I felt the Holy Spirit pushing me to go to the bookstore, where I found one copy of a Christmas book on the shelf. Since the book was not something we had brought into the country but had found for sale there, I went home and told my husband, “We have the reason to do the Christmas story.” That year we prepared presents and brought them to the school, and we read the story of Jesus’ birth word for word from the book.

Wherever we went, police and officials from the province went with us to make sure we didn’t evangelize or say anything political. They were at the school and heard the presentation as well. After I read this story to the children, the police took the book out of my hand and flipped through it. My heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. When we got home, I told my husband, “Uh-oh! They’re going to kick us out of the country.” But, thank God, nothing happened.

We read the story to the children for a few more years. On the third year, the principal came to us and said, “It’s been kind of boring for you to read the Christmas story the past two years. Why don’t you let the children do a Christmas play?” This was a nonbeliever in the public school system!

I went home and told my husband, “Uh-oh! That was her polite way of saying there will be no more Christmas story this year.”

In November I went down to the province for a meeting with the principal. “Well,” she said. “You promised to send a script. Christmas is coming near, and I haven’t seen anything yet.”

I hurriedly made parts of Matthew, Luke, and John into a play and sent it to her. When we send things to the provinces, it filters through many layers of government checks. I prayed, “God, if it is Your will that the children would glorify You and get to do this play, then let it get to the principal.”

When we went down the week before Christmas, the children were all ready to perform the play I had sent. The province’s officials were there to watch, along with the police. Afterward, we made DVDs of the children’s work and sent one home with each child; their parents then invited other family members and neighbors to come and watch the Christmas story.

We did the play for many years, with members of our church in the capital coming down to help after we added a performance at the local orphanage. Last year, the chairwoman in the community approached me. “For seven years I have been watching the Christmas play—the story of Jesus—and I feel so very, very peaceful. Every year I look forward to Christmas to have that peaceful moment.”

That year, she gave her heart to the Lord.

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  1. Praise God for His faithfulness to impart creativity in an area that is so very restricted!!!! His Word will not return void!

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