The Powerful Name of Jesus


The Word of God transformed the life of Pulcherie, who had given herself wholly to follow Jesus. When she became ill, her friends and the church members in Gabon brought her to Bongolo Hospital. It soon became clear that she had a cancerous tumor in her abdomen.

We gave her the best treatment we could, but she was in a lot of pain and not improving. Assuming that the cause of her illness must be sorcery, her father—who had not been involved in Pulcherie’s life for many years—took her to the witch doctor, against her will. We heard later that the shaman was blaming her illness on the church, which had loved her, cared for her and helped her to learn what it meant to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

One Sunday our ministry team was on the road where this witch doctor had set up his practice. We decided to stop and see if we could visit Pulcherie. We found an isolated place where we talked with her and her mother, brother and sister, praying with them and encouraging them to take a bold stand against the enemy. As we were leaving, the witch doctor approached and appeared very agitated. Didn’t we know that his power was keeping her alive? He showed his large and thick book of treatments and recipes. Who were we to come with that little black book, the Bible?

How clear it was that the “father of lies” was speaking through that man. But we came in the powerful name of Jesus! Against all odds, Pulcherie did get out of that place. She had lost weight and was very weak. Bongolo Hospital cared for her until she left this earth to be in the presence of Jesus. Praise God for her strong testimony of His power to transform, strengthen and enable His children to stand against the power of the evil one.

Pray that God will use Pulcherie’s testimony to bring her family into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Her mother claims she is a believer but did not support Pulcherie in her decision to trust Jesus with her life. Her father is blinded, convinced that they needed to seek knowledge from the spirits for her illness. Pray that as we proclaim the truth of God’s Word, lives will be transformed and people freed from their ties to the powers of darkness.

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