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The glory of the Bible is in the fact that it lives today as it has always lived. No one would think of consulting a book of medicine which was published 50 years ago; no one would think of using as a guide a science textbook 50 years old; no one would think of taking as authoritative the statements in a book on psychology that were even 20 years old.

But the Bible is THE BOOK that remains the standard guide after all these centuries. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). This is the reason.

It is no wonder that when a Scripture portion is placed in the hands of a Thai in the heart of East Thailand, without his ever having heard of Christ before, he comes to the realization that he is lost and traveling on the wrong road, through reading just once the message of the Book.

Such is the case with Nai Prom. About six years ago he purchased a Scripture portion, and after reading it, he was convinced that he must not worship idols any longer. He felt now he must worship the true God, who was not only the Maker of heaven and earth, but his Creator also. Thus, for nearly six years he had, in his own simple way, reached out to the true and living God.

Never had he heard the gospel from the lips of anyone nor even seen a missionary. A few weeks ago he heard about the missionary who had come to live in Roiet. This news brought him to Roiet immediately, and for the first time in his life he saw a white man. A second man, who accompanied him, witnessed to the truth of Nai Prom’s statements that for all these years he had not bowed down to idols and was waiting to hear more of the gospel.

It was our peculiar joy to lead him to a personal experience with Jesus. He found peace, for the Holy Spirit had already done a work in his heart. We told him that Jesus would make the things of God real to him and best of all live in his heart as well. We did not have to tell him over and over as we so often must to others. The joy of full salvation flooded his face as he realized what Christ meant to him.

Since then we have found him to be a most fearless witness to everyone. A recent visit to his village proved without a shadow of a doubt the thoroughness of the Spirit’s working in his life. He has won others to the Lord, and we are expecting a harvest of souls in his village.

—By Rev. T. G. Ziemer, Roiet, East Thailand
Adapted from The Alliance Weekly, September 7, 1940

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