The Rambo Anthology

Notable Quotes from David L. Rambo


Compiled by Peter Burgo

The Son of God was not as presumptuous as we who often dash off to work without adequate preparation. He knew that He was in warfare and that prayer to His Father was more than a pious courtesy.



Jesus is not a value-added commodity to dress up the self-life. He is a replacement for an ugly self-absorption that will rob us of the Christ-life and make our walk with God a mere shadow of what it could be.



In an age when we are blessing self-actualization and saying, “Take charge of your life,” the message of Jesus needs to be thunderously proclaimed, not for our captivity but for our liberty.



God wants to reach out of the total triumph of the next life and show us demonstrations in this life. He wants to send us little notes of encouragement that tell us how it’s going to be when, as we sing, “No more crying there, we are going to see the King.”



God has given to [the Alliance family] an irreplaceable mission. If we do not put it in the center of not only what we do but also in our consciousness, the future is dark.



Missions is not an activity; it’s not a thing we do; it isn’t even center to the church life. It is the hinge of history . . . when the job is done, then the King will come.

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