The Reckless, Raging Fury


Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.

Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits—

who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases,

who redeems your life from the pit

and crowns you with love and compassion.

—Psalm 103:1–4

For most of us, the love of Jesus is an undeniable cognitive reality. But experientially, many of us live as though it’s not. Our countenance betrays us . . . our decisions reveal us . . . our relationships expose us . . . as people who still believe we don’t measure up to His, someone else’s, or our own standards. We conclude that we’ve not earned the right to be loved—or even to be lovable. 

Could it be that we misjudge Jesus’ nearness in the midst of our depravity and dysfunction? Have we swallowed the lie that our sin and woundedness form a massive heap that obscures our access to Him—or His to us?

In the following passage from The Cure, authors Lynch, McNicol, and Thrall describe the critical moment of realization that Christ embraces us in the thick of our iniquity and brokenness.

Before, God was “over there,” on the other side of my sin, obscured by the mountain of trash between us. But now I realize He’s here, with me . . . All of the pain, regret and damage of my life is laid out in front of me. All that has caused shame and condemnation. All that has caused me to pretend and impress and yearn for control. All that has broken my heart and His. But now I am viewing it with Jesus’ arm around me! He’s been holding me with utter delight, all with my sin right here in our midst, never allowing it between us. He wants to know me in the midst of this, not when I get it cleaned up. I know now if this mound is ever to shrink, it’ll be by trusting this moment for the rest of my life.

The message of Easter is God’s love letter to humanity: There is NOTHING you can do that will cause Me to love you more, and there is NOTHING you can do that will cause Me to love you less. And I will stop at NOTHING—not even the brutal death of my Son—to win you back.

Rejecting the lies that tell us otherwise is worth all the effort we can possibly expend. Because only His Resurrecting love raises dry bones to life.

There’s a wideness in God’s mercy I cannot find in my own,

And He keeps His fire burning to melt this heart of stone; 

Keeps me aching with a yearning, keeps me glad to have been caught 

In the reckless, raging fury that they call the love of God.

—Rich Mullins, “The Love of God”

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