The Secret of Nahum Diaz


Nahum Díaz was born in Colombia in a small town in the Andes Mountains. At the age of 10, he came to Christ through the work of an Alliance missionary, W. Herbert Johnston. On a return visit, Johnston baptized the young man, along with Nahum’s six brothers and his parents.

Following his baptism, Nahum was discipled by a local man and developed a deep desire to serve the Lord by preaching the gospel. Preaching was difficult for Nahum, but the desire to share God’s Word with others consumed his heart. Out of this conflict came the idea to work by day and to share the gospel by night—a concept he coined “nightsharing.”

His ministry flourished as Nahum traveled from home to home working as a farmhand by day and spreading the gospel by night. With his well-worn Bible he would explain and teach with gentleness and patience until he was sure that the family had become part of the Kingdom. It has been said that when Nahum entered a home, he did not leave until the occupants had been converted to Christ, knew how to pray and had learned some hymns by heart.

Isaiah 44:22 was his life verse. “The future no longer scares me,” Nahum testified. “The dense cloud of my sins that obscured the horizon with terror has been undone by the sacrifice on Calvary. Glory to God!”

Nahum kept beautiful ledgers that capture an intimate part of his journey. From 1946 to 1970, Nahum kept a record of the homes and people he crossed paths with and noted each individual who came to Christ. In the ledgers are the names of 4,190 souls who were introduced to the hope of eternity through Nahum’s nightsharing.

What was the secret of Nahum Díaz? The curious children of his mentor may have discovered it, as Nahum visited their home often. They noticed that Nahum would disappear each morning for two hours before breakfast, and they searched for him many times without success. Finally, they discovered that they could find him in solitary places, under the shade of a tree or a large rock, where he knelt to read the Word of God aloud and to pray.

The secret of Nahum was that he began every day by seeking the face of God. How could one bring so many into the Kingdom? He followed the Spirit’s guidance to learn and to share.

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