The Simpson Anthology


As we commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Alliance Founder A. B. Simpson’s passing, Alliance Life will feature his rich, devotional reflections in place of the Tozer Anthology, which will resume in 2020.


The Discipline of Discipleship


Have you come into close touch with the risen Christ or caught the spirit of His last momentous days on earth? If so, you cannot be inactive, indifferent, or even neutral in this mighty enterprise which is the emergency work of our times and which is the one great business for which God has called us.



[God] has to withhold encouraging results until we learn to trust without them, and then He loves to make His work real in fact as well as faith.



It takes much less effort to maintain a good habit than to form it. A true spiritual habit once formed becomes a spontaneous tendency of our being, and we grow into delightful freedom in following it.



You cannot take the experience of a year ago and serve the Lord with that, but you must know Christ today in fresh and ceaseless communion, or you cannot accomplish any effective work for Him.



A church relying on human wisdom, wealth, or resources ceases to be the body of Christ and becomes an earthly society.



Christ never sends His people on any ministry without equipping them, sustaining them, and rendering their work effectual. Your usefulness does not depend upon natural gifts or conditions, but upon your closeness to your Head.

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  1. Filled with confident encouragement! Thank you for these Spirit filled points of living for Christ.

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