The Tozer Anthology

As reported in the Sept/Oct 2018 issue.


Throughout the Old Testament and on into the New, a way is set before men, and over that way the angel of the Lord hovers day and night.



God’s blessing follows the way as green vegetation along the river. God never varies from the way; He never compromises nor approves a detour.



There is just one way, no more, and our present success and future happiness depend upon our finding and following that way.



Whenever we turn our backs on the way, the voice comes from behind us. The Lord never leaves the way. Always His voice sounds in the way, and if we wander from it we can only hear a voice behind us, never in front.



Most of the troubles of Christians result from their leaving the way of the Lord to walk in paths of their own choosing. This is justified on the grounds that it is merely an adaptation to the times, a wise adjustment to the changing tastes of modern men.



We can save ourselves a lot of desperate praying for help that never comes if we will but obey the plain teachings of the Scriptures and walk in the way they point out for us.

from The Price of Neglect. Originally published in The Alliance Witness, February 2, 1994.

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