The Tozer Anthology


Compiled by Harry Verplough


The universal disaster of the Fall compels us to think differently about our obligation to our fellow men. It is in view of this that all our Christian service must be evaluated. The needs of people, not our own convenience, decide how far we shall go and how much we shall do.



Christ sacrificed many pure enjoyments to give Himself to the holy work of moral rescue. His conduct was determined not by what was legitimate or innocent, but by our human need. He pleased not Himself but lived for the emergency; and as He was so are we in this world.



Whoever is born of God is one with everyone else who is born of God . . . so every regernerate soul belongs to the universal Christian community and to the fellowship of the saints.



A company of pure-living and cheerful Christians in the community is a stronger proof that Christ is risen than any learned treatise could ever be.



To speak to God on behalf of men is probably the highest service any of us can render. The next is to speak to men in the name of God. Either is a privilege possible to us only through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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