The Tozer Anthology

As reported in the May/June 2015 issue.

Compiled by Harry Verploegh


I am perfectly certain that I could rake up fifteen boxcar loads of fundamentalist Christians, this hour in the city of Chicago, who are more influenced in their whole outlook by Hollywood than they are by the Lord Jesus Christ. I am positive that much that passes for the gospel in our day is very little more than a mild case of orthodox religion grafted on to a heart that is sold out to the world in its pleasures and tastes and ambitions.


Be a Bible meditator.


The kind of teaching that I have been giving has disturbed some people, because, necessarily, if I have been traveling along thinking I am all right and there comes a man of God who tells me that there is yet much land to be possessed, it will disturb me. That is the preliminary twinge that comes to the soul that wants to know God. Whenever the Word of God hits us, it disturbs us. So don’t be disturbed by the disturbance. Remember that it is quite normal. God has to jar us loose.


As we honor Jesus, the Spirit of God becomes glad within us. . . . He . . . becomes intimate and communes and imparts Himself; . . . and heaven comes near as Jesus Christ becomes our all in all.

—from How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit. The Tozer Anthology was originally published in the Alliance Witness, September 2, 1981.

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