The Tozer Anthology

As reported in the Nov/Dec 2015 issue.

Compiled by Harry Verploegh


Our problems of spiritual coldness and apathy in the church would quickly disappear if Christian believers generally would confess their great need for rediscovering the loveliness of Jesus Christ, their Savior.


The fact that we are not going on to know Christ in rich intimacy of acquaintance and fellowship is apparent—but why are we not even willing to talk about it? We are not hearing anything about spiritual desire and yearning and the loveliness of our Savior which would break down all barriers if we would move into communion with Him.



He is the fountain of all truth, but He is more—He is truth itself. He is the source and strength of all beauty, but He is more—He is beauty itself. He is the fountain of all wisdom, but He is more—He is wisdom itself. In Him are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge hidden away!

Jesus Christ our Savior is the fountain of all grace. He is the fountain and source of all life, but He is more than that. He could say, “I am the life!” He is the fountain of love, but again, He is far more than that—He is love!


There is excitement in true love. . . . We Christians who love our Savior ought to be more excited about who He is and what He is!

—from I Talk Back to the Devil. Originally published in the Alliance Witness, June 9, 1982.

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