The Tozer Anthology

As reported in the July/Aug 2016 issue.

Compiled by Harry Verploegh


To the absence of the Spirit may be traced that vague sense of unreality which almost everywhere invests religion in our times. In the average church service the most real thing is the shadowy unreality of everything. The worshiper sits in a state of suspended mentation; a kind of dreamy numbness creeps upon him; he hears words but they do not register, he cannot relate them to anything on his own life-level. He is conscious of having entered a kind of half-world; his mind surrenders itself to a more or less pleasant mood, which passes with the benediction, leaving no trace behind. It does not affect anything in his everyday life. He is aware of no power, no Presence, no spiritual reality. There is simply nothing in his experience corresponding to the things which he heard from the pulpit or sang in the hymns.



I think there can be no doubt that the need above all other needs in the church of God at this moment is the power of the Holy Spirit. More education, better organization, finer equipment, more advanced methods—all are unavailing.



We may be sure of one thing, that for our deep trouble there is no cure apart from a visitation, yes, an invasion of power from above. Only the Spirit Himself can show us what is wrong with us and only the Spirit can prescribe the cure. Only the Spirit can save us from the numbing unreality of Spiritless Christianity. Only the Spirit can show us the Father and the Son. Only the inworking of the Spirit’s power can discover to us the solemn majesty and the heart-ravishing mystery of the Triune God.

From The Divine Conquest. Originally published in The Alliance Witness, June 23, 1982.

4 responses to The Tozer Anthology

  1. Could it be that the Spirit simply will not come or go to anyone no wanting? Or could it be that we really do not believe in the holy Spirit anymore?
    Or is it that there is little to no laying of hands as in the Bible?

  2. Having not been in a church until I was 39 years old, at the time of being born again. I was perplexed by the vast difference between the Bible and the actual American Church. As the Church struggles to be more like the world in hopes to convert the world, the truth has been lost. However, wanting badly to see a change and the manifest presence of Christ, we set ourselves to be different than the world, in a biblical sense. Over the last two years we have found groups of people that are doing just that. College of Prayer in Lilburn, Ga. has been vital in assisting us with Kingdom prayer, and stirring the presence constantly. Although we very much need to be walking this out together, the Bible is very clear to avoid people closing to live as Christians, but actually living as non believers. Several authors in the Bible state that friendship with the world, is as enemies of God. My advice is to stop looking for the church to connect you with the Holy Spirit and start a personal journey of worship, prayer, and Spirit filled Bible reading. I am not saying to avoid the church, but be the one to bring the flame to those need it. Before a church can missions focused they need to be Jesus focused!

  3. Dr Raymond, I hear your heart and feel the same way. My heart longs for real truth that is filled with the spirit of God and isn’t so watered down that even Jesus can’t be seen. I have 8 children and the world pulls on them and I am desperate to find a church whose heart is truly in missions.

  4. I have been searching many years for a church where the fire of the Spirit is still known. At this point I would settle for some place where there are some embers or a little smoke. I have great need of this in my family. My wife is in need of physical healing. I fear for my children’s future because they have not experienced what it means to live under revival fire. Thus far I have been disappointed that the words of Revered Tozer are being ignored except on this site, on youtube postings, and selected quotations. Let me add to Tozer’s words. We will not see the move of the Holy Spirit in our congregations as was experienced at the outset of the CMA movement until such time as we recognize the gross insult we have done by ignoring Him. It is not certain that if Jesus Christ attended a service that there would be a place for him to speak let alone manifest the miracles that are needed. Acts is clear. The presence of the Holy Spirit reveals sin as a requisite for sanctification. We have marginalized the Holy Spirit because we fear what he would reveal about us. Does the fire yet burn in the CMA? If so, where? I’ve become exhausted in my search.

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