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I feel privileged to be a missionary with The Christian and Missionary Alliance. I am proud to say that I am part of what is happening in the C&MA around the world.

The C&MA takes good care of its missionaries. I have not had to worry about paying my rent, providing for my children’s schooling, having a good health plan . . . and the list goes on. But today I see this reality being threatened due to ongoing shortfalls in the Great Commission Fund (GCF) and the devaluation of the dollar around the world. My heart feels heavy. Since there are not enough funds to continue to resource all that The Alliance does around the world, our leadership is having to make the tough calls to adjust to these difficult times. One such decision was to start transitioning C&MA missionaries out of Brazil.

I rejoice in how God has used The Alliance to build and grow His Church in Brazil during the past half century. Today, there are 23 established or developing churches, 18 ordained pastors and about 20 other people who are credentialed for ministry. Church membership numbers around 3,000 baptized believers. During the past 25 years, solid churches have been established, a seminary has been built up and Brazilian missionaries have been sent out, supported by the national church. I am deeply grateful to the Lord for these results. Still, it’s painful to think that my missionary work here may be over before I am 55—particularly when I see how much more could be done if we had more time and financial resources.

My reason for writing is not for you to feel sorry for me or for Brazil, but to thank you for giving to the GCF and to challenge more Alliance people to participate. We are looking for Great Committed Folks who are willing to trust God and The Alliance to invest their money for eternal impact.

Many incredible things have been done over many years because of faithful “GCFers”! Just a few weeks ago we had the privilege of seeing our next door neighbor being baptized—the fourth one in the family to take that step of obedience. He hugged me and through his tears repeated over and over, “Thank you, thank you, for bringing Jesus to us! Thank you!” That gratitude is not just for me. It is just as much for you who support the GCF—because without your faithful giving, this family would still be lost. The GCF dollar enables your missionaries to bring light and hope to lost and hurting people in 58 countries. And past giving has helped to establish vibrant Alliance churches in more than 80 countries on six continents. Thank YOU!

I recently heard that if every U.S. C&MA household (assuming approximately 100,000 households) increased its GCF giving by only $5 a month, the GCF would grow by $6 million a year—allowing international workers and U.S. church planters to reach even deeper into their neighborhoods and the nations with the hope of Christ. Completing the Great Commission will require the mobilization of every fully devoted disciple (Matt. 28:19).

I realize that some Alliance people are already sacrificing all they can. But what if more people joined the ranks? Imagine the harvest that can be reaped if every fully devoted disciple were mobilized for the task. I grew up on a farm, and my parents taught me that many hands make light work. When I was a girl, my little hands probably didn’t make a great difference in helping my daddy carry a bucket of feed. But it made a big difference in my heart. I had a part, and I was helping. A very important lesson! You see, I believe God is way more interested in our hearts than He is in our pocketbooks. Yet, our pocketbooks are good indicators of where our hearts are. This can be a painful realization to some of us. Because lost people matter to God . . . He wants them found! How much do they really matter to us?

As corporations struggle with having to lay off scores of workers, let’s not let missionaries suffer the same fate in The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Too much is at stake for us to slow down now. Will you join the GCFers—Great Committed Folks—and give to the GCF so this work can continue with unhindered momentum? I guarantee that you will not be sorry you did!

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