The Tozer Anthology

As reported in the December 1, 2013 issue.

Compiled by Harry Verploegh


If we believe the New Testament we must surely believe that the new birth is a major miracle, as truly a miracle of God as was the first creation, for the new birth is actually the creating of another man in the heart where another man had been.

To be genuinely born again is the miracle of becoming a partaker of the divine nature. It is more than just a religious expression; more than the hyphenated adjective we often hear, such as in “He’s a born-again man.”

There are many who talk about being born again on the basis of their mental assent to Christian principles. I think there are many who have received Christ mentally who have never discovered the supernatural quality of the grace of God or of the acts of God.

Let me warn you that if you are a Christian believer and you have found a psychologist who can explain to you exactly what happened to you in the matter of your faith, you have been unfrocked! At the very moment that a man’s experience in Christ can be broken down and explained by the psychologists, we have just another church member on our hands—and not a believing Christian.

God fully expects the church of Jesus Christ to prove itself a miraculous group in the very midst of a holistic world. Christians of necessity must be in contact with the world but in being and spirit ought to be separated from the world—and as such, we should be the most amazing people in the world.

—from I Call It Heresy, originally published in The Alliance Witness, May 27, 1981.

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