The Tozer Anthology

As reported in the July 15, 2013 issue.

Compiled by Harry Verploegh


Some churches train their greeters and ushers to smile, showing as many teeth as possible. But I can sense that kind of display—and when I am greeted by a man who is smiling because he has been trained to smile, I know I am shaking the flipper of a trained seal.

Morality and temporality are written all across the church of Christ in the world today because so many persons are trying to do with human genius and power of the flesh what only God can do through the Holy Spirit.

Wherever people are gathered together in the Name, there also is the Presence.

In the Body of Christ there are no insignificant congregations.

I believe we are part of that great Christian body that goes back to Pentecost. I believe in a true kind of apostolic succession, not in a succession of bishops and men with names and organizations but a living organism vitally a part of the true church of Christ that began when the Holy Ghost came upon a body of believers and made them one, making them God’s people in a way that none ever had been before!

I believe God wants to do something new and blessed for every believer who has the inner desire to know Him better. I am aware of the fact that it takes a store of patience and persistence and a lot of courage to find and pursue the will of God in this day.

—from Tragedy in the Church, originally published in The Alliance Witness, May 14, 1980.

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