The Tozer Anthology

As reported in the March 1, 2014 issue.

Compiled by Harry Verploegh


When the Spirit of God moves into a man’s heart He will make that man generous but He will never make a fool out of him. He will make the man happy but He will never make him silly. He may make him sad with the woe and the weight of the world’s grief but He will never let him become a gloomy cynic. The Holy Spirit will make him warmhearted and responsive but He will never cause him to do things of which he will be ashamed later.

One of the greatest weaknesses in the modern church is the willingness to lay down foundations of truth without ever backing them up with moral application!

It is only after we yield to Jesus Christ and begin to follow Him that we become concerned about the laxity and thoughtlessness of our daily lives. We begin to grieve about the way we have been living and we become convicted that there should continue to be aimlessness and futility and carelessness in our Christian walk.

A person who is intellectually lazy is a sinful person. God had a reason for giving us our heads with intellectual capacity for thinking and reasoning and considering. But what a great company of humans there are who refuse to use their heads, and many of these are Christians.

[An] enduring joy . . . comes to the believer whose emotional life is in the keeping of the Spirit . . . . We are not Christian dreamers engaging in idle and wishful thinking. We know who we are and to whom we belong and we know where we are going.

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