Tozer Anthology

As reported in the Jan/Feb 2021 issue.


Compiled by Harry Verploegh

In the average church we hear the same prayers repeated each Sunday year in and year out with not the remotest expectation that they will be answered. It is enough, it seems, that they have been uttered. The familiar phrase, the religious tone, the emotionally loaded words have their superficial and temporary effect, but the worshiper is no nearer to God, no better morally and no surer of heaven than he was before.

When we become too glib in prayer we are most surely talking to ourselves.

In our private prayers and in our public services we are forever asking God to do things that He either has already done or cannot do because of our unbelief. We plead for Him to speak when He has already spoken and is at that very moment speaking. We ask Him to come when He is already present and waiting for us to recognize Him. We beg the Holy Spirit to fill us while all the time we are preventing Him by our doubts.

The Christian can hope for no manifestation of God while he lives in a state of disobedience. Let a man refuse to obey God on some clear point, let him set his will stubbornly to resist any commandment of Christ, and the rest of his religious activities will be wasted. He may go to church for 50 years to no profit. He may tithe, teach, preach, sing, write, throughout his active years, edit or run a Bible conference and have nothing but ashes at the last. “To obey is better than sacrifice.”

For all God’s goodwill toward us He is unable to grant us our heart’s desires till all our desires have been reduced to one.

—from Born After Midnight.
Originally published in The Alliance Witness,
January 29, 1986

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