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The C&MA has a rich legacy of ministry among the disenfranchised. From our founder’s outreach to immigrants in New York City in the 1880s to settlements established in Vietnam, Thailand, and the States for those fleeing the horrors of war in the 1970s, Alliance people have been involved in countless efforts to care for people forced to leave their homelands to escape the devastating effects of disaster, disease, famine, and conflict.

Peter BurgoThis legacy continues as Alliance international workers and national churches find (and place) themselves at the crossroads of displaced and marginalized peoples and U.S. Alliance churches step up to help resettle refugees and immigrants from every corner of the world.

“So what?” some may ask. “Thousands of charitable organizations can make the same claims. What sets The Alliance apart?”


Our Alliance family values insist that acts of mercy be accompanied by introductions to mercy’s Author. Members of a Spanish-speaking church in California visit immigration detention centers to comfort those awaiting deportation and their families; an international worker couple befriends exploited migrants from Southeast Asia who have come to Taiwan in search of livelihoods to support their families; a joy-filled principal in an Alliance-run school in Jordan has become a caring papa to children orphaned by the Syrian civil war, while Alliance workers 2,400 miles to the east offer help and hope to Syrian refugees who have fled to Germany with only what they could carry—and students at LIFE 2016 raised more than $55,000 to support Alliance work among Syrian refugees in Germany. In every case, Jesus is proclaimed as the living, loving Son of the ever-watchful Father.

Isaiah 58 reminds us that we must care for the immediate needs of the poor and powerless. But if we stop there, we present an impotent mercy that feeds the body while leaving the soul impoverished.

Alliance medical worker David Thompson closes his book Christian Mercy with an admonishment we would do well to heed today as we have in the past:

Our focus to complete the mission of mercy that God has given us must not be halted by the disasters that beset the world but ENERGIZED by them. As we sacrificially help those who suffer, the world will demand that we remain silent about Jesus, but that is something we must never, ever set aside. Instead, out of love we must proclaim Jesus to every person on the planet. God has not called us to exhaust ourselves in a futile effort to change the world, but He has called us to take His light to the world in power, mercy, and love, proclaiming Jesus as we go. This is the truest mercy. This is Christian mercy.

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Peter Burgo, Editor-in-Chief

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