True Pilgrims


During these years of war, the Alliance Palestinian Mission staff has been small but its work extremely fruitful. Among the Jews, recent immigrants have proved far more receptive to the gospel in Jerusalem than amid the persecutions of Europe or the prosperity of America. Among the Arabs, our work witnessed revival, healings and much blessing.

Moshe was a zealous Jewish pilgrim who left his native Poland to have a part in rebuilding the barren land of his forefathers. God in His providence led him to the city of Jerusalem, and while walking t he streets he passed [the Alliance] Reading Room. Desiring a bit of rest, he stepped inside, hardly realizing what the place was. He had never been in a Christian mission or church in his life. He was attracted not only by the Word but also by the love and kindness of those ministering to him. Up until then, the only perception he had of Christians was based on what he had seen in Poland of those who, in the name of Christ, were leading pogroms and massacres against the Jews. In Moshe, the Lord found a hungry heart, and in less than three weeks’ time he was on his knees confessing his sins and accepting the Lord Jesus as his own Savior. Moshe became a true pilgrim.

Ghattas, an Arab lad, lived in the primitive Arab village of Jebaib in the Djedel Druze Province, the “backwoods” of Syria. When the gospel witness finally reached his village, Ghattas was fired with religious fanaticism to oppose us. He succeeded in breaking up our first little gathering and felt very proud of his achievement. We did not sleep much that night wondering why the Lord would permit such victory for Satan after wonderfully granting us this opportunity. It was daybreak when we heard a knock at the door. Ghattas stood there with deep conviction for his wickedness, asking for our forgiveness. That night we had another meeting and Ghattas was there, crowding as close to us in that little dark room as he could, drinking the precious Word of God. He too became a true pilgrim.

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