Unimaginable Circumstances

Seeing God's miracles as we go back to the basics


We are under unimaginable circumstances as individuals but also as part of the nations and especially as part of the Church.

I live on a small island with limited resources. It is full of natural beauty and wonders that are being reshaped and transformed in many ways. Living through several major hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and a worldwide novel pandemic has dramatically changed how people conduct their lives. With death literally in the air, more and more people are taking a much more serious look at their lives. The past three years have been full of great learning, profound reflection, and the assurance that nothing can stop God’s miraculous work and His mission.

This current scenario has provided many with an empirical understanding of Scripture and has propelled us to live Christianity in new and practical ways. We live life with eternity in mind while sharing the gospel from outside the four walls of a church building—to our neighborhoods and beyond. We are seeing churches move to digital spaces at an unprecedented level.

During this time, I’ve enjoyed reading . . . especially one book: Leading Kingdom Movements. I found this statement very relevant for this particular time:

The Church is composed of different people with different gifts and talents and all at the right time working in an orchestrated manner to create movement. In this case a Kingdom movement.

I have no doubt that we are coming back to the basics—such as the disciples faced in the book of Acts—in a precise time that has been appointed by God.

As we approach Scripture, we become more than readers—we become an active part of the stories. For example, Lazarus awakens one’s memory in the midst of short-lived setbacks, that as humans we may feel uncertainty and grief or even dare to question God. HOWEVER, our loving Savior is very aware of our human nature and assures us that if we believe, the stone will be removed. He will make the impossible possible and we will see the glory of God (John 11:38–44).

With prophetic vision and attentive ears, maybe we should ask ourselves, “What is the Lord showing us”? In the midst of challenging times, what strengths are revealed by crisis—those that we should build or develop? How do we lead our fellowship of believers to give up their resources and meet the needs of others in our communities and beyond?

How fascinating that the more we understand the puzzle we call life—how each piece moves and fits—we can understand how each of us can take steps toward the life we were called to live. Churches may look very different on the surface, but there is one common denominator: churches that are deeply engaged with missions haven’t engaged by accident. They intentionally value local and global service and make it a vital part of their DNA. I pray that God, in His grace, will bring unexpected blessings, even out of frightening and unstable situations. I pray for hearts to be open to the gospel and for believers to be reminded that as we move back to the fundamentals such as loving God, loving our neighbors, and carrying out the Great Commission, we will discover great strengths and witness great miracles.

Recently our district superintendent, Javier Gomez, shared in a letter to our churches:

Therefore, in the midst of the acute maelstrom of trials, we should not be surprised that the marching orders we continue to receive from our Lord are loud and clear. Today I am more convinced than ever that God is calling us to be a gospel-centered church, filled with the love and power of the Holy Spirit, for the glory of the Father and joy of the world.

May our Lord give us wisdom and discernment to move forward. May we be aware that our lives are guided by the Holy Spirit, and may His glorious will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Brenda Rodriguez de Colón is the district missions mobilizer for the Puerto Rico District.

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