Vietnamese Couple Serves in Laos


It was after the Jubilee celebration of the Vietnamese Evangelical Church, held at Saigon in 1961, that the missionary spirit for reaching foreign countries was quickened in our hearts. The executive committee, the pastors, and preachers began to pray for our new vision.

The Vietnamese Christians in Vientiane, Laos, were asking for a Vietnamese pastor. In answer to prayer, the executive committee agreed to send a missionary to the large population of Vietnamese living in Laos and also to the Black Thai people of that country. Then the annual conference of the Evangelical Church of Viet Nam, held at Nhatrang in June, voted to organize a missionary band to pray for this work and raise money for it.

We had dedicated ourselves for missionary work many years ago and were already working among one of the tribes of Viet Nam. But the door to a foreign country remained closed until seven months ago. Then, when suddenly the Lord called us to go to Laos, we wanted to refuse because it was impossible for us, we thought, to be missionaries to that country at the time.

Nevertheless, after the last tribal conference in Dalat, God gave us a new vision concerning missionary work in foreign countries. Therefore, we obeyed God’s call and decided to go to Vientiane. For we are debtors “both to the Greeks and to the barbarians, to the wise and to the unwise.”

We have served the Lord for about 26 years in Viet Nam, and He has blessed our ministry among the Raday tribespeople. We have no greater desire than that He will continue to bless us spiritually and permit us to lead more sinners to repent and turn to Christ.

To go on our first missionary journey, we put our work in order and sold most of our property, including our car. We committed our children and grandchildren into the care of missionaries and pastors in Banméthuot and Saigon. After we applied for visas, the political relationship between Viet Nam and Laos was changed, and the Viet Nam Embassy in Vientiane was closed. For a while things looked dark, but then the Lord marvelously opened the way for us. We arrived safely in Vientiane by Air Viet Nam on December 5, 1962. We are very happy.

As you well know, our work is very hard. There are very few Vietnamese Christians in Vientiane. The rumors of war can trouble our hearts, and we are lacking in material aid, finances, personnel, and power. But by faith we shall start our work, and we believe God will help us to accomplish it.

Adapted from The Alliance Witness March 20, 1963

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